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Product Code: ALCOMETER

This product is a special order (BTO) and is not returnable.

ALCOMETER is a point-of-entry breathalyser that allows or prevents the entry of an employee into the workplace based on the results of their breath alcohol test.

When connected to your Creone key cabinet is highly effective at helping to enhance and execute workplace OH&S policies efficiently even before an employee has access to keys.

It is ideal for industries where a strict or zero alcohol tolerance policy is observed, such as factories, construction and mining sites, chemical plants, casinos, workplaces that use heavy machinery, laboratories and hospitals, and stadiums.

information-icon This unit must be calibrated every 6 months to maintain it's accuracy and legitimateness.

  • BAC range - Pass / Fail - 0.000 - 0.400 ?C.
  • Sensor type - FxCell3.
  • Accuracy  - ± 0.01?C at 0.05?C.
  • Warm up time - 3 seconds ~ 4 minutes.
  • Response time - 3 - 10 seconds.
  • Recycle time - 5 seconds.
  • Working temperature - 5 – 40°C, (Storage: 0 - 50°C).
  • Power supply - 12V / 1.5A (power adaptor not supplied).
  • Mouth pieces - Not required.
  • Result reading - Test result is indicated by LED display
    PASS : Green LED (factory set to 0.02?C, adjustable to 0.01 - 0.09?C.)
    FAIL : Red LED
  • Calibration Frequency - Unlimited tests, every 6 months.
  • Display - Pass / Fail.
Technical Specifications
Brand ACSS

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