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DAHUA Retail Flow Control Solution - Single Entrance Kit



The Dahua Retail Flow Control kit is designed to automatically keep track of how many people are in a retail environment at any one time. Utilising a Dahua AI Camera with a custom configuration, the system counts people entering and leaving a single entrance and can raise an alert or alarm if someone tries to enter once the individually configured maximum threshold has been reached.
The screen overlay on the monitor provides a fast and easy to read live status on the current in / out counts. A siren or strobe can also be configured through the alarm output on the camera to provide an alert should the threshold count be exceeded.

This solution alleviates the need to have a staff member or security guard stationed at an entrance counting entries and exits. Ideal for a wide range of retail businesses that need to restrict flow into their premises for distancing purposes.

information-icon Multiple Entrance solutions available by special request.

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