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Omega Security Solutions is a is a family business with a proud heritage and a dedication to providing clients with the latest in high security solutions. Founded in 1973 as Western Suburbs Locksmiths, Omega has evolved into a one stop shop for all your security needs. We have just moved into our new 3500 square meter state of the art facility on Francis Street in Yarraville.

David Lorimer: What made Omega choose Neptune Security Products for its Touchless Exit Button solutions?

Anthony Payne: To be honest, it was probably because we had used Neptune standalone keypads in the past, especially in outdoor applications and we found them to be a good robust solution. When our Account Manager suggested the Neptune touchless range, we thought this is a great idea, and we had some previous experience and faith in the brand.

David Lorimer: Where does the Neptune Touchless Exit Button solutions provide your customers the most benefit?

Anthony Payne:It’s simply that ability to be able to offer a ‘no touch’ option to exit solutions. Its our default go-to now for all applications now.

David Lorimer: How did the Omega team take to the Neptune Touchless Exit Buttons?

Anthony Payne: Initially we installed the touchless exit buttons at our new building here in Yarraville. It made sense for us for two main reasons:

Firstly, we always like to test a product before we recommend it to our clients, and secondly, touchless is the direction we are heading in for our entire facility wherever it is practical. Its safer for our team. We found them easy to install, and easy to use.

David Lorimer: What are some of features Omega like best about the products?

Anthony Payne: The robust panel mount buttons are tough and present fantastically in their stainless finish. It is ideal that there are a range of options in terms of standard format as well as the narrow mullion units. The LED backlit sensor is bright and easy for users to understand changing to green when activated.

David Lorimer: In the current climate, are you seeing business becoming more conscious making buildings safer and more hygienic by deploying products like Neptune Touchless Exit buttons?

Anthony Payne: Yes most definitely. We have seen an enormous amount of interest from our commercial client base in regard to products that can help support Infection Control. The whole concept of ‘reduced touch’ was unheard of in the marketplace until very recently. We have been speaking to facility managers across almost every market vertical and we are now starting to see a general understanding that security products can help support better health outcomes in any environment where people come and go regularly.

Check out the Neptune touchless exit button in action here.

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