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CLASS are a widely regarded, large, professional locksmith in Canberra servicing a wide range of commercial, residential and government clients.

Tom Stokes: Jim, thanks for talking to me, when did you start with ProMaster8?

Jim Fisher: CLASS Locksmiths has been using PM8 since April 2019.

Tom Stokes: Why did you decide to upgrade?

Jim Fisher: We wanted to master key more efficiently than ever, and we know that PM8 will work with the latest Windows operating systems now and well into the future.

Tom Stokes: How was the upgrade process?

Jim Fisher: The upgrade process was easy for us. WH Software provides an Upgrade Guide for PM7 Users which details the steps required to install PM8 & convert your PM7 databases. Support was available from both WH Software & LSC, and both helped ensure a successful transition to PM8. We found the new help menu is awesome. There is now a subscription service for update notifications so you can use any new features as soon as they are available.

Tom Stokes: How did your team take to it?

Jim Fisher: Our existing users of PM7 found transitioning to PM8 is easy as the software layout is similar to PM7. However, PM8 has many more features and capability than its predecessor.

Tom Stokes: What about you, you’re the admin, was that easy to migrate?

Jim Fisher: User setup is streamlined with User Groups and as the system administrator, I can manage many tasks from my own logon instead of having to log on as admin which was fiddly.

Tom Stokes: What are a few of the new features you most like?

Jim Fisher: System signatories are now shown as soon as the system is opened. In fact, this screen shows much more info than PM7 does and you can get to the relevant part of the software by clicking on the info displayed. System alerts is a new feature which can be used to provide an alert each time the system is opened, or after a specified date. We use this to remind us to check contract pricing for customers on long term contracts with an annual review period.

Tom Stokes: So overall it’s easier?

Jim Fisher: Searching in key and door lists is easier with customisable searching for each field, and the keying matrix now shows changes made since loading the screen and alerting you to doors which have been made already to minimise the risk of accidentally modifying manufactured doors.

Tom Stokes: Thanks Jim! Nice chat. If you’re still using an outdated version of Australia’s best masterkeying software talk to your Account Manager about how LSC can assist you to stay current and masterkey more efficiently!

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