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Silca Optika is a brand new, cutting edge device from Silca for idenfitication of key profiles. Insert just about any key, and within 15 - 20 seconds, Optika identifies the correct profile to be used.
Remember how much time you spent when you needed to search for that unusual key? The Silca Optika can save you this time, increase your professionalism and ensure you get the maximum return from your keyblank stocks.
Customers come to locksmiths for those "unusual" keys, and there's nothing worse than spending 15 or 20 minutes (or more) searching your key stock for that elusive profile. You can't charge the customer for the time spent, only your normal key cutting fee! The Optika machine resolves profiles in real time, within around 15 - 20 seconds, and guarantees you give your customer the correct key every time, without wasting your time.
The Optika operates stand-alone, or in conjunction with a PC. It's easy to navigate, intuative "radio" style controls and menus can be learnt by anyone within a few moments, and even inexperienced operators can use the machine with virtually no training.
To use it, simply insert the key (car, house, cabinet, single or double sided) into the special jaw, and the patented LED lighting system beams over the key, and projects the image of the profile and key onto a special digital camera mounted in the bottom of the machine. The inputted data is compared (within 20 seconds) against Silca's entire database of profiles, and if a key exists, it will be shown to you. Alternatives (where available) are also proposed, and the machine will give you a gauge of how accurately the proprosed profiles match the sample supplied.
Other features include the ability to compare cut keys (the Optika can be used to test the accuracy of your key cutting machine), and when used in conjunction with the PC software the Optika can inform you of hook positions for your key range as well.
The Optika is an innovative and cutting edge device, completely unique in the world of key machines and keyblank recognition. Packed with brand new, patented technology, the Optika is the future of keyblank recognition, and it's available today. Unlock the future today with SILCA Optika!
  • analyse cut keys for the purpose of comparing 2 keys, suggesting a card, creating a card and reading cuts
  • use stand alone or with a PC
  • software included
  • read keys in 15-20 seconds
  • memory can hold 20,000 profiles in total
  • includes 10,000 profiles
  • ability to load your own profiles
  • includes 2 x USB interfaces and 1 x serial
  • real-time reading see the results on the screen
  • features "car radio" style 2-button operation
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